Why choose PTA Global?

We are developing world-class fitness leaders through proven systems, sciences and tools that make the complex both simple AND effective.

PTA Global is all about practical application, giving you powerful solutions for the challenges that lie ahead. Our mission is to enhance what you do on a daily basis through enjoyment, education and leadership. Personal training requires a diverse skill set in order to be successful and includes:

  • Communicating with elegance and understanding behaviour with all types of people
  • Applying business and marketing techniques
  • Matching programmes and sessions to individual personalities
  • Understanding the stress response and how it can affect exercise and recovery
  • Being able to have fun AND achieve the desired outcome
  • Adjusting programmes and exercises on the spot to meet the client's needs

As a result, PTA Global has developed the most cutting-edge and comprehensive education in the industry, specifically designed to give you the necessary tools to immediately impact your career.

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