Who is involved with PTA Global?

Here at PTA Global, more than 25 of the world’s greatest health and fitness minds have come together to share their knowledge and raise the bar of fitness education. The team comprises professors, physical therapists, exercise physiologists, biomechanists, personal trainers – all uniting to bring a world-class edge to fitness education. Our experts are acclaimed in everything from exercise science, behavioural science, legal and liability, business and marketing to special population.

Annette Lang:
Exercise for women (pregnancy) and special interviews

Douglas Brooks:
Cardiovascular system and special interviews

Greg Roskopf:
The nervous system and special interviews

Paul Chek:
The digestive system and special interviews

Tom Purvis:
The skeletal system and biomechanics plus special interviews

Mark Verstegen:
Special interviews

Sally Edwards:
Endurance programming

Chuck Wolf:
The muscular system, flexibility and stretching

John Berardi:

Gary and Doug Gray:
Function and 3D motion, and special interviews

Anthony Carey:
Sports injuries, exercise progressions and special interviews

Gray Cook:
Special interviews

Peter Twist:
Group training

Brian Grasso:
Exercise for children

Mark Rabinoff:
Liability and risk

Justin Price:
Client orientation, make and receive referrals, and special interviews

Mary Bratcher:
Marketing and advertising, and special interviews

Christian Thompson:
Older adults

Paul Taylor:
Endocrinology, nutrition, behaviour change and exercise as medicine

Ian O’Dwyer:
SMR, mobilisers, customising gym programmes, programme design for wellness, group training and special interviews

Michol Dalcourt:
Muscle physiology, human design, functional anatomy, viewing posture, core and flexibility, gym terminology and introduction to exercise

Scott Hopson:
Energy systems, programming resistance training, fitness markers, cardio and movement recovery

Bobby Cappuccio:
Interviewer, client orientation, personal training business, marketing and advertising, personal training operations, how to approach the client on the gym floor

Rodney Corn:
Tour guide, basic fitness programming, programming resistance training, gym terminology and introduction to exercise, core and flexibility, SMR, programme design and applying nomenclature (3D motion)

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