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Dramatically enhance your services using PTA Global's tried and tested systems. As a student of PTA Global, you will have a range of systems and tools at your disposal to immediately impact your career for the better. The systems and tools created by the co-founders are unique to PTA Global, and are very easy to use once you know how. They allow you to apply the science of personal training to the lives of your clients and meet their individual needs.

PDQ – Programme design questionnaire

The PDQ shows you how to use behavioural and neurosciences to immediately connect with your clients – and it's unique to PTA Global.

The PDQ tells you:

• The client’s goal and, more importantly, WHY this goal is important to them, including some motivational interviewing techniques that help strengthen their resolve to achieve their goal

• The client’s preferred workout style – what type of workout and exercises they want – so you can make educated decisions that are best suited to their individual needs and goals, which makes for happy clients

• The client’s ability level – what they are capable of doing so you can give just the right level of challenge to keep sessions interesting and achievable

PDT – Programme design tool

At PTA Global, we have a colossal online warehouse to which we give you the virtual key – it’s called the PDT. The PDT contains over 432 pre-made play-outs (play-outs are workouts which are fun) to help you hit the ground running with new clients. Each workout is specifically matched to the PDQ, which means that once you’ve used the PDQ to identify your client’s primary goal, preferred workout style and current ability, you can use the PDT to find their perfect 12-week programme. For more information on the PDT, click here.

3DC – Three-dimensional checkpoints

By using the 3DC system, it’s impossible to run out of new exercises for your clients. It gives you the power to organise the concept of three-dimensional motion. This means you will know how to adapt or manipulate any movement or exercise in any environment, with any client, in an infinite number of ways. Use this system to personalise the PDT sessions further or just create your own exciting new exercises for clients based on their specific wants and needs.

DR. O – Daily readiness observation

Some days, your clients just won't feel like themselves. Maybe something has happened in their personal life that has affected their emotional well-being, or perhaps they've been working extra hard and feel mentally worn out. Often they don't even realise the reason why they can push themselves in one session yet feel as if their batteries have run flat in the next. The daily readiness observation is a powerful tool that enables you to evaluate a client's physical, mental and emotional well-being at the start of a session, and find out how different factors in their lifestyle are affecting them. DR.O then guides you to an effective programming solution, allowing you to work around a client's difficulties, creating a ‘new’ session on demand that will provide just the right amount of training stimulus without overloading their already stressed system. This level of personalised service gives you the competitive edge, helping to retain clients and gain referrals.

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