PTA Global club solutions

The PTA Global courses are brought to you by 26 of the world’s most innovative and respected health and fitness experts. We’ve combined our knowledge and expertise to deliver training courses that provide your staff with the most innovative and up-to-date education in the fitness industry.

As well as providing expert training on the science and practical skills of being a PT, PTA Global provides the tools and systems needed to apply the science to the business of personal trainers. This helps them to build strong relationships and empower members to stay exercising and achieve results.

PTA Global will help your business to

  • Increase membership retention by educating staff on how to work closely with clients to continually achieve their goals and build longer-lasting relationships;
  • Support new hires through access to an online warehouse of 840 pre-made programmes to match every goal, style and level of their client and provide education on how to adjust programmes on the spot to meet each client’s needs; and,
  • Increase PT revenue by educating PTs on the business of personal training, providing systems and tools to help sell more PT sessions (how to walk the gym floor, how to interact with members and how to become a successful influencer).

“Through the PTA Global course the Personal Training department has experienced a 15% increase in sales, and 88% of the trainers have been successful past the six-month mark.”
University of Florida

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