PTA Global bridging course

PTA Global Bridging Course

If you’re already qualified as a personal trainer but want the knowledge, techniques and insights that are unique to PTA Global, this course provides you with the structure and techniques to take your PT business from good to great. The Bridging course is a prerequisite to the PTA Global Advanced Course for anyone who achieved their initial personal trainer qualification through a different provider.

On the PTA Global Bridging Course, you’ll encounter many topics not traditionally seen on fitness education courses, as well as our proven Systems, Sciences and Tools to make you stand out from the crowd.

What’s covered?

We provide expert training on

  • Personal training business skills, sales and marketing
  • In-depth communication and behaviour change techniques
  • A client questionnaire to enhance client motivation and programme design (PDQ)
  • A system for creating and manipulating movement in three dimensions (3DC), which allows users to manipulate any movement/exercise in any environment, with any client, in an infinite number of ways
  • Functional anatomy explained using myofascial lines
  • Metabolic training using energy system development (ESD) techniques
  • A programme design tool filled with hundreds of pre-made programmes tailored to the client’s goal, ability and preferred training style to get you started and save you time, allowing you to focus on running a successful business

Course delivery

  • Online study
  • One practical day

Is it for me?

If you already hold a Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training and want to expand your knowledge by learning from the best in the industry, this course is perfect for you. It’s also a prerequisite for entry to the PTA Global Advanced Course for anyone who didn’t complete their initial personal trainer qualification through PTA Global.

Are there any entry requirements?

You must already hold a Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training to gain entry to this course.

What do I get?

  • PTA Global Bridging Course Certificate
  • Unlimited online education access to 20 hours of video, downloadable text, notes, study guide and video-based Q&A
  • Unlimited access to hundreds of pre-made programmes based on goals, style and level of training
  • 12 months’ FREE access to, the world’s leading online resource for PTs
  • 12 months’ FREE subscription to Fitpro magazine
  • A total of 27 REPs points on completion of all online modules, the live course day and assessments
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