PTA Global programme design tool (PDT)

Hit the ground running with new clients using the programme design tool (PDT). This tool gives you the power to quickly and accurately identify a new client's goal, ability level and preferred style of training. You then use the system to guide you to a suitable programme for your new client in their first session. For existing clients, use the PDT to re-assess their needs and provide programmes which account for their preferred training style to help them adhere to the plan and achieve their goals.

Lifelong access to the online PDT is included in the PTA Global Certification Course and the PTA Global Bridging Course and it’s unique to PTA Global. It’s a colossal resource filled with over 432, 12-week periodised programmes to cater for any client, so you can start your clients off on a training programme that is specific to their needs straight away. The PDT links to our proprietary programme design questionnaire (PDQ), which enables you to collect detailed information about a client’s goal and, more importantly, why that goal is significant to the client. It also guides you to the specific type of workout with which the client is currently most comfortable, such as a traditional style using machines and commonly seen exercises, or perhaps a more progressive style that uses whole-body movement-based exercises.

PTA Global programme design tool PTA Global programme design tool (PDT)
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