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We are proud to work with all the health and fitness experts who help to make up the PTA Global community and we welcome all our students to become part of our community, offering support to all our graduates long after they have attended our courses. Whether your passion lies in nutrition, performance coaching, holistic health and wellness – whatever your particular area of interest – PTA Global is there to help you find your way. Take a look at the courses and certifications offered by our partners to see just how far this industry can take you.

Our career paths

  • Human movement
  • Wellness
  • Nutrition
  • Structure
  • Movement
  • Cardiovascular
  • Youth
  • Older adults
  • Pregnancy
  • Performance
Business and leadership
  • Management
  • Specialist
  • Master trainer


“I am honoured to work with PTA Global. It is refreshing that, after many years in the fitness industry, a group emerges that has been formed by professionals of various backgrounds and philosophies, contributing to a truly integrated approach. I love the fact that PTA Global takes the entire individual into consideration, enabling personal trainers and group fitness instructors to achieve better results with everyone we touch.”

Annette Lang
... Let's Move More

“Muscle Activation Techniques and PTA Global value lifelong learning and share a common goal in education. Both organisations are committed to providing education that advances careers and improves the lives of those we encounter.”

Greg Roskopf
Muscle Activation Techniques

“I support PTA Global because they are a conglomeration of legitimate teachers whose intention is to share the best of themselves and their skills so that each student may reach their potential at an optimal rate. Enjoy the journey!”

Paul Chek

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