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Behind the scenes at a PTA Global assessment day

Author: PTA Global | Posted 07 Sep 2016
Erica Ryder

Erica Ryder shares her experiences of the PTA Global assessment day from her perspective as an assessor and internal verifier.

This, my first blog, is definitely worth a read, as it will give you some insight into how an assessment day is run and how you might be feeling on ...

Mentorship 1: My experience!

Author: PTA Global | Posted 20 Jul 2016
PTA Global team at UK Mentorship 1

Becci Boyd takes us through her experience on the UK’s first ever PTA Global Mentorship 1.

6 April 2016. Just your normal, average Wednesday. Well, no, not for me and my 13 other compatriots! Today is a special day! Today we get to be part of the UK's first ever ...

How do you stop client no shows

Author: PTA Global | Posted 16 Jun 2015

How do I deal with a client who regularly fails to show up? Is it right to take their money when I’m not training them?

Although we hate to admit it, as a fitness professional, when a client fails to show up, it’s hard not to get frustrated. When their actions take ...

How do I support my clients

Author: PTA Global | Posted 16 Jun 2015

How do I support my clients to stay on track when they're not with me?

One of the biggest challenges a fitness professional faces is the limited amount of time one can spend with a client and still make an impact on a client’s behaviours and choices. Out of a 24-hour day, ...

Needs vs Wants

Author: PTA Global | Posted 16 Jun 2015

How do I integrate into a workout what my client needs vs what they want?

If your client's wants and needs differ then give the client what they want before what they need. Giving a client what they want builds their trust in you and allows them to address their needs. ...

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